5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Girls

Winter months can be tough. When the cold bites, you want to reach out for anything that will help you stay warm. When we didn’t know better, we sacrificed fashion for warmth, but not anymore. We now know how to stand out warmly and definitely not ‘freeze and shine’.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Girls

The beautiful thing about being a woman is that there are unlimited wardrobe items to choose from. Unfortunately, not all women can choose winter wardrobe essentials correctly. So, here is a list to help you prioritize.

How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Winter

These are some of the items you must have in order to deal with winter head-on:

1. Chic Turtleneck

Most people don’t differentiate a turtleneck from a cowl neck. A turtleneck has a close-fitting neckline and reaches just below the chin and is mostly foldable and stretchy but doesn’t drape. A cowl neck also reaches just below the chin but it’s a bit loose. So, it drapes to reveal the neckline.

The beautiful thing about turtle necks is that they completely shield the neck and trap in the generated heat – all while looking stylish and simple. Turtlenecks double as official and casual wear and are great for matching with skirts or pants. You can also wear them under a sleeveless jumpsuit or dress.

2. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a wonderful complement to any outfit whether skirts, pants, or dresses. They bring out the magic of elongated legs, especially for petite and shorter women. Ankle boots also have a way of spicing up dull outfits whether official or casual. You can opt for high heels, those with stilts or flats depending on the occasion.

3. Cushy Scarfs

Scarfs are best when long so you can craft different shapes and styles. You can make knots, hang it loose or wrap around the neck in different designs. Scarfs make a good companion because they are easy to wear and carry around. Try getting extra-soft ones to enjoy the cushy feel and warmth.

There are wider scarfs known as blanket scarfs. They are also foldable to use in different designs, the only difference is that they are wider so they can cover the whole body.

4. Flexible Gloves

When our hands are warm, the whole body tends to feel warm. That’s why a winter outfit is never complete without gloves. The best gloves are water and windproof, warm, and breathable.

Get a pair that gives you the freedom to use your hands. For instance, when using your phone or writing, you don’t have to keep removing them.

5. Winter Coat

Winter coats are probably the most classic winter attire there is. The best thing about them is they never go out of fashion. One coat can serve you for decades and still look trendy. Winter coats vary in designs – they can be knee-high or longer.

However, the most important quality you should check out for is the material. The best winter coats match with any outfit. You can layer them with office wear or casual wear.


There will still be winter next year, invest in attires that will last. This keeps you looking and feeling trendy and also saves money because you don’t have to shop every year.

Other winter wardrobe essentials include skinny jeans – these are perfect for layering and match with any type of shoe. You can also invest in a hat. Woolen hats especially maintain heat and keep you looking exceptional.

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