Why You Should Use a Knee Pillow – the Benefits

Most People think that pillows are just meant for the head when sleeping or relaxing. Well, that’s true, but pillows can still serve other functions as well. For instance, you can place them below your waist to keep it supported. Moreover, you can place a pillow between your knees to relieve pains so that you can enjoy better sleep during the night.

Why You Should Use a Knee Pillow

Research shows that placing a pillow between your knees makes you feel comfortable while sleeping, especially if you are a side sleeper. Pregnant women or people who suffer back pains are also advised to place a pillow between their knees when sleeping.

In addition to comfort, sleeping with a pillow between your knees prevents them from rubbing against each other.

It is worth noting that sleeping posture can make or break the health of your spine. This is particularly true for side sleepers. Remember, quality sleep is when you sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. And if you spend all these hours sleeping on the side with an unsupported spine you may start to feel severe back pains or soreness.

To get a good night sleep, your spine must be supported. In that case, whether you sleep on the side or on your back, you must ensure you are in a good sleeping posture.

This can be achieved by sleep on a quality mattress plus a good pillow.

What’s the Right Sleeping Posture for Side Sleepers?

Truth be told, most people feel comfortable when sleeping on the side. If you also sleep this way, ensure you have the right mattress and a good pillow.

Usually, when sleeping on the side, your hip and shoulders come into contact with painful pressure points which might lead to severe pains.

Here is how to sleep comfortably:

  • Ensure that your neck and spine are at the same level. Here, you need to place a thick pillow on your head.
  • Use a knee pillow. This will keep your lower back supported. It is advised to ensure to place a pillow that will support your knees and your ankles to keep them at the same level.
  • Ensure your spine is in a neutral position by stacking your hip bones on top of each other.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Knee Pillow

A knee pillow has many benefits considering that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. During all these hours, your body needs to be comfortable and relaxed.

A good knee pillow will support your knees accordingly when sleeping. The best knee pillow is one that is made with materials that retain the shape of the pillow during sleeping. In that case, a memory foam knee pillow would be the best. A memory foam knee pillow will keep your muscles relaxed and supported rightly.

Remember, the spinal column of a human being is divided into three areas and all these areas need support. The areas include: the one near the neck, another one in the middle of your back and the last area is the lower back.

A knee pillow keeps your spine aligned in the right position which prevents back pains. Also, using a knee pillow will keep your legs apart thus relieving them of stress.

Key Benefits of Using a Knee Pillow

A pillow is something simple and affordable but its benefits to your wellbeing are unimaginable. From relieving your back pains to keeping you comfortable when sleeping, a pillow is no doubt a solution to many problems.

There are plenty of benefits of using a knee pillow but we have outlined the most important ones.

1. Reduces Pressure

Using the right knee pillow will help eliminate pressure on your knees by keeping you comfortable when sleeping. Usually when sleeping the tension of the muscles in your hips and lower back is high and so a knee pillow can eliminate the tension.

2. Relieves Pain

After a long day of work, you need to get a good and relaxed sleep. A knee pillow will help to eliminate muscle cramps and pains so that you can sleep comfortably.

3. A knee pillow will eliminate knee pains

Usually, when sleeping, especially on the side, your knees will rub against each other. This way, your legs will end up suffering from friction when sleeping. Since a knee pillow is placed between your knees, it will act as a buffer to prevent your knees from coming together.

Well, of course, you can decide to prevent your knees from rubbing against each other but the challenge comes when your body turns without you noticing it. So, the best way to ensure your knees do not rub against each other is to use a knee pillow.

4. A knee pillow is great for pregnant women

Maintaining the right posture during pregnancy is important for the safety of the unborn. Expectant women are expected to sleep in a relaxed way to enable the unborn child to grow healthy. Using a knee pillow, you will have a comfortable and relaxed sleep since it will support and align your hips and the pelvis.

5. A knee pillow gives you the right sleeping posture

A knee pillow will give your body the right sleeping posture. Your body tends to regenerate tissue cells as you sleep at night. However, it could be difficult for this to happen if you are not relaxed and comfortable when sleeping. Using a good knee pillow will give you a good, comfortable, and relaxed night sleep thus allowing room for regeneration of tissue cells.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Knee Pillow

If you have decided to buy a knee pillow, there are some important considerations to help you in your selection process. These are:

  • Your Weight: If you have too much weight, then you need a thick and strong knee pillow else buying a soft pillow won’t help you to get the best from it. In that case, your weight should guide you during your selection process.
  • For expectant women: Sleeping can be tricky for expectant women because you have to ensure you balance yourself to keep the unborn baby safe. The best knee pillow, in that case, would be a straight or hourglass-shaped knee pillow.
  • The type of pillow: There are different types of pillows made of different materials out there. A good rule of thumb would be to choose a memory foam knee pillow. This type of knee pillow can resist dust and is also hypoallergenic. That means they are safe to use even for people with certain allergies.
  • A multipurpose knee pillow would be good: A knee pillow can be used for different reasons. A good rule of thumb would be to choose one that you can use when sleeping and also when relaxing.

Final Words

A good night’s sleep will make you wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized. It will boost your mood and prepare you for the next day’s tasks. Therefore, if you feel restless any time you wake up, it is time to consider buying a knee pillow.


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