5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Warm During Winter

When winter approaches, most of us go to great lengths to ensure that we are warm comfortable at all times.  Whether we’re home or outside, there are measures that we take to ensure that we are safe from the nasty cold. Wearing hats, coats, and scarves when outdoors or using heaters and insulation to keep you warm when inside the house.

ways to keep your dog warm during winter

As you do this, don’t forget about your dog! Our Pets, just like us, can get bad frostbite and hypothermia. Even if your dog’s coat is thick and heavy, he might still feel cold in the chilly weather. So if you feel like your dog is getting cold at any time, use these tips to keep him warm and comfortable throughout the cold season.

So, how do you keep your dog warm during winter?

These are the 5 things you can do to help your dog fight chilling winter temperatures:

1. Let Him Sleep inside the House

This is pure logic. If your dog sleeps inside the house, then he’s going to be warm and comfortable. Besides, not all dog breeds have the strength to withstand the cold night breeze or stay warm when the temperature freezes. So if your dog doesn’t come from a place with a cold climate, give him a warm bed inside the house.

You can also buy dog beds which will keep them warm and help them sleep better. If you’re not sure about the type of beds to buy for your dog, head over to My Sleeping Dog to learn more about factors you need to consider when choosing a bed for your dog.

2. Limit Your Dog’s Time Outdoors

No dog – not even the toughest cold-weather breed, should be allowed to stay outside for long during the winter season. Having a thick coat doesn’t mean they are safe either. Their paws are in direct contact with the cold ground, ears are out there, and their noses stick out in the cold.

Keep them indoors where it’s nice and warm. You may take them out occasionally for a little exercise or walk, but keep it short if the temperatures are shallow.

3. Dress Your Dog Warmly

Small-sized dogs and those with thin coats require a bit of help to keep warm.  The same goes for puppies and older canines who find it challenging to keep their body heat in check.

A sweater or a little doggy jacket could be the perfect addition that makes your little pal more comfortable. However, don’t cover his head.

4. Get Him a Comfy Kennel

If, for some reason, you have no choice but to leave your furry friend outside for a little while, make sure that he’s dry, comfortable, and well-fed.

Get him a kennel with a lot of room and a raised floor to protect against the cold. Cover the doorway with waterproof plastic and give him plenty of food and water. Also, check on him regularly to make sure that his food and water doesn’t freeze.

5. Use the Doughnut-Ring Trick

Keeping your canine friend warm and cozy goes beyond making him a comfortable bed with warm blankets.

To make this more effective, arrange the blankets in the shape of a doughnut. Make sure that there’s enough space for your dog to curl up in at the center. This way, he is protected from the cold on all sides, losing heat only one way – upwards. He’ll also be protected from all sorts of dog diseases.

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