5 Ways to Hack Cheerleading in Middle School

Cheerleading in middle school is simply breathtaking. Think pep rallies, homecoming, games, and summer camps among other exciting Cheerleading activities.

5 Ways to Hack Cheerleading in Middle School

However, before the fun, you’ll need to learn the necessary styles including tumbling, jumps, and various cheerleading motions. Therefore, I’ve discussed the 5 hacks you’ll be to achieve success in high-school cheerleading.

Five Ways to Hack Cheerleading in Middle School

1. Train Early for the tryouts

First, preparing early for cheerleading helps you show your true spirit while still remaining utterly confident. Therefore, the first step is to know the tryouts date.

You can train solo or in a cheer group. Most cheerleading squads keenly analyze your tumbling skills, (attend tumbling classes), and splits as well as jumps such as herkie.

Next, you’ll have to befriend cheerleading clinics offered around. Mainly the clinics are available during summer and thus it’s critical to plan early. Finally, in this section, consult the current coach or cheerleaders on how to increase your chances of success.

For the tryouts, pout on the best cheer shoes, suitable dance shorts, and possibly a smart school shirt. Put on a tattoo your hand or cheek, paint the nails, and have a high ponytail for your hairstyle.

2. Practice Healthy Eating

Cheerleading is an engaging exercise and thus you must a healthy meal all the time. Key foods to always include on your diet include carbs, vegetables, fruits, and protein. As a starting point consider taking the following meals we recommend:

  • Breakfast – 1 liter of water, peanut butter (I spoon), a slice of cheese, 1 banana, and oatmeal (1 small bowl).
  • Lunch – 6 grapes, 9 baby carrots, lettuce, a slice of cheese, and 6 pieces of meat.
  • Dinner – Any available food for dinner.

Avoid procrastinating your workout outs and other skill-building activities. Ensure you have the right passion and time to undertake the tryouts and cheerleaders. Further, consider whether the team you’ll be joining has a subscription fee.

3. Maintain and exercising routine

To build your flexibility, strength, and endurance, you’ll need to practice your tumbling, motions, and jumps. Therefore, do some specific exercise to build your endurance and skill on all the above. Check the recipe below: For example, to build up for your Jumps – Do straddle leg-lifts (about 40) for every leg, 40 squats, and 30 jumps squat.

To build your endurance, ensure your exercises, cardio especially, 5 days every week. In addition, practice your voice every day to become both clear and loud. This can be achieved through clear speaking, loud speech and doing breathing exercises.

4. Persistence is everything

I know this could sound negative vibe, but after all exercises – maybe you won’t qualify for the squad. But that’s not the end of the road – try more even for the All-Star team to ensure you maintain your workout form.


So, either you have, that’s the much you need to prepare to be an amazing cheerleader in your middle school. Finally, ensure you ask the pertinent questions about your tryouts, get the right clothes or workout wear.

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