Toilet Paper Versus Wet Wipes: What Should you be Using for your Butt?

In the hygiene circles, a controversial debate has been raging on which is better: toilet paper versus wet wipes. And today, I wanted to walk into it and give my views. But deep down in my heart,

I felt that I could do better. Toilet paper despite the low cost, ease in availability in all stores and the friendliness to the septic system does not quite do the job that you want it to do. You will always find out that, there are some debris faeces left in your anal area.

And this stinks. Plus it soils your innerwear leaving a smudge of brown matter on the part where the butt hole meets the underwear.

We also know very well that toilet paper are made from milled trees. So everytime you use tissue paper, know that you are leading to environmental degradation through cutting down of trees so that you can shove them down the toilet hole.

toilet paper
Toilet paper

Urologists and gynecologists have also argued that the use of toilet paper is one of the main causes of Urinary tract infections especially in women. But how does this happen. Well, the female reproductive system is rather different from that of a man. Women have their urethra very near the vaginal opening. The urethra is also not a very long tract like in a man.

So if you fail to wipe your butt well and the fecal material finds its way to the urethra, the woman is likely to get an infection. For men, it is not that easy. Before the germs get to the sensitive parts where they can infect, the man has already gone to pee and thus pushed out the germs.

Use of hard toilet paper could also cause anal fissures especially for people with tender, soft skin.

No wonder you will never see anyone in their right minds using tissue paper to wipe a baby’s behind after it defecates. They always use soft, wet wipes or moist family cloths.

So how about wet wipes?

wet wipes
Wet wipes

Reading this article, you must have guessed that I am arguing that wet wipes are way better than toilet paper. And yes, you are right. But that does not mean that wet wipes lack their downside.

But before looking at the cons, let us discuss the pros of wipes.

Wipes leave you with a clean, flesh feel. They are thorough and after you use them, you feel adequately sanitized. However, most of the wipes have paraben, alcohol as well as plastic fibers. They will therefore clog your septic system, cause anal fissures and irritation especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Fortunately, there are some flushable, fragrance and alcohol-free adult wipes that I have seen reviewed at Hosiped which I feel you really need to try and see how awesome they are. The wipes are made with natural biodegradable materials, have no aloe and therefore safe to use. They are big enough to cover your butt and thick enough so that your fingers will not at any time get into contact with your fecal material.


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  • Sam Wrights

    And what about the cons of using wet wipes? I read the pros but I don’t see the aforementioned downsides of using them. Great article otherwise!

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