Sleeping in a Recliner vs a Bed: Which One is Healthy?

Sleeping in a Recliner vs a BedGetting enough sleep is a critical aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Good sleep enhances tissue and tendons’ repair. I am sure you’re guessing right that, then, it is essential to choose the best tools and methods to spend this critical and rejuvenating time. However, the main point of contention is: Sleeping in a Recliner vs a Bed. Which one is healthy?

Maybe you love sleeping on the bed horizontally or, like myself, you are would preferably sleep semi-vertically in your recliner.

By now you know that I am the reclined sleeping type. However, in this post, I promise to be fair and compare the health impacts of ether sleeping on a bed or a recliner.

Sleeping in a Bed

By decision, a bed is a furniture type used for relaxing or sleeping. On the bed, you place a mattress, which is an elastic material made from natural rubber or various petrochemicals.

Benefits of sleeping on a bed

The bed has a well-padded and soft mattress that is attached to a spring or wooden base. However, beds come in different forms and sizes. Here are some of the bed types:

  • The Box bed is created like a big box with panels that can slide which allow you to fold it. It comes with in-built partitions.
  • An adjustable bed is suitable for people that are elderly or have some medical conditions affecting their mobility.
  • The air-bed is made entirely using an air-filled mattress

Now, onto the benefits of sleeping on your bed. These include

  1. Sleeping flexibility – While sleeping on your bed, you can exercise flexible sleeping patterns: sleep on the stomach, side or even your back.
  2. Sleeping horizontally relaxes your body by reducing the pressure reaching the spine. Therefore, the spinal fluids will enter the discs easily, which give you relaxation and relieves any back pain

Benefits of sleeping in a recliner

By definition, a recliner is a sofa or armchair that can recline when you lower its back and elevates the front part: made by companies such as La-Z-Boy.

Further, it comes with an adjustable footrest (most time using a lever) and a tilt-able backrest. Sleep recliners are medically beneficial to people suffering from the following conditions:

  • Relieves Back Pain– reclined sleeping helps relieve any stiffness or soreness that could have resulted from a hard day’s job, mainly if the chair has lumbar support.
  • Aids circulation of blood – The standing and sitting position hinders efficient blood circulation in your body. Further, because of the adverse effect of gravity of blood flow, there will be blood accumulation in your lower body such as feet and legs. However, reclined sleeping, mainly when you use a footrest to the left the legs above your hearts height will aid blood circulation.
  • Eases your breathing – Reclined sleeping will allow you to make more natural breathing and thus relief some respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea.
  • Reduces heartburn or acid reflux – Notably, if stomach acids tend to run into the esophagus, then reclined sleeping will relief its associated pain.


Therefore, reclined sleeping comes with many health benefits including preventing heart burns, aiding blood circulation, and enhancing more natural breathing.

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    Thanks for such an informative article complete with so many great reviews. I’ve had pain in my sciatica for a while now and I need a more long term solution to improve sitting in my house.

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