Power Recliner Chairs – A product of Laziness or Innovation?

recliner chair

What is the world coming too; this is so funny in my opinion yet has some truth to it. It is just so obvious how lazy this world is becoming – or is it?

As technology has improved and new innovative creations made our lives simpler, we became lazier.

However, this “laziness” is earned rightfully so. I feel that there is nothing wrong with working harder, rather than smarter in order to make life simpler. That is why today I would like to talk about a new addition to the family of home furniture, the power recliner.

Did I just say power recliner?

Yes, I did. This electric furniture will be the new lazy boy in a couple of years in my opinion. We were just in the period where recliners were getting plush, comfy, and affordable and then some furniture company had to go out and make things even better.

That is the way that it always goes. You go out and buy something like a brand new video game console and then three months later, there is a new, better console. No matter, the only reason that I think that if the power is not caught because of their price.

Many people these days are willing to part with around 300-500 dollars for good quality, comfortable plus size recliners. These recliners can hold up to 500lbs comfortably. This is a great recliner capacity if you ask me.

So what exactly does the mobile do that others don’t? Well, there are several little things that it does that make a difference. There are several different makes and styles, so I will try to stay focused on just a few of them. The regular style electric powered models do stuff like massage, heat, and a self-lifting foot rest. All of these functions could be done with the press of a button. Note that I am making a generalization of what several of them do, not all of them carry out each of those functions. I guess you get the picture though.

Then there is the other type of power recliners, the lift chairs. This type of chair is made for those who have trouble sitting and standing with recliners. They can rise up and lower down to make sitting and standing easier for those who have trouble.

Choosing Slipcovers for Power Lift Recliners

Slipcovers are an important part of your recliner chair. This is especially so if you have pets or children.

You can also use a slipcover change the appearance of the furniture.

Lazy boy recliners can be fitted with a slipcover to create a whole new look within the room, rather than having to replace them

What are some ways that you can choose a slipcover for the power lift recliners?

Use these methods to find a slipcover that is right for you:

Choose a slipcover that can accent the décor within the room where the recliner is being placed. This could be similar fabric or color or pattern which will go with the other pieces in the room.

Use samples of fabric that can be brought home to be compared with other fabrics and décor within the room. This way, the slipcover is not ordered or custom made in time for the owner to realize the fabric does not match the décor in the room.

Choose a durable fabric if you are trying to protect the fabric from pets and children within the home. Some of the most durable fabrics that can be used to cover lazy boy recliners include 100% cotton or canvas.

Slipcovers are available for popular models, but as well, slipcovers can be custom created for specific pieces of furniture that are tailored to fit the furniture snugly, creating the appearance of a newly upholstered piece, rather than a piece of furniture that has been fitted with a slipcover.

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