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Jewelry Organization Tips for Your Collection

jewelry organizerLetting your jewelry clutter is a recipe for disaster. They easily get destroyed by tying around each other and scratching. This means that all your investment goes down to the drain in a snap. Most jewelry lovers can attest to the fact that good jewelry is very expensive. Therefore, unless one is misinformed, it is impossible to spend handsome money on pearls and diamonds and fail at the maintenance stage. Here are some important jewelry organization tips for your collection.

Buy wall or drawer organizers for your collection

Wall organizers are essential if you have a lot of long items such as pendants, necklaces, and dangle earrings. They come partitioned into sections that allow you to arrange similar items in the same compartment. Most importantly, they are easy to use and safe. In most cases, they are hanged at strategic places such as walls, inside closets, and on walls.

Buy a mini jewelry organizer for travelling

Travelling comes with some serious demands such as carrying your clothes and some of your most treasured pearls and gems. A travel jewelry organizer comes in handy at these moments. It allows you to pack your things in a systematic matter and use them when in need. In addition, a mini jewelry organizer prevents small items such as earrings from disappearing. In most cases you find that one earring or its clasp is missing. This kind of challenges can be prevented with a travel jewelry organizer.

Buy boxes that cater for specific needs

Let’s say you have a wide collection of watches or rings. Instead relying on a jewelry organizer fully, you can buy a watch boxes is capable of accommodating all your watches. This ensures that sure delicate items are fully secured.

Use available resources to create a jewelry organizer

If you are not in a position to buy a jewelry organizer, use the resources you have at home to create one. Simple things such as boards, wood, and wires. Any chicken wire board can be used to create an elaborate jewelry organizer.


Generally, a jewelry organizer serves three main purposes. Firstly, it saves time and money. Accessories cost a lot of money. You save your money when you keep them protected. An organizer saves you the time lost untangling jewelry. Untangling jewelry is a hectic job. You do not want to get caught up doing it in a busy morning.

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