How to Stretch your Sore Achilles Tendon

Your Achilles tendon is at an injury risk if you engage in sudden physical exercises or use the wrong footwear causing Achilles tendonitis.

Despite that the tendon can hold high levels of pressure from running or jumping, minor raptures and tears may cause excessive pain.

Therefore, the first thing to remedy the condition is to stretch properly and avoid overusing the tendon to avoid inflammation and swelling.

How to Stretch your Sore Achilles Tendon

Stretching your Achilles tendon

I know there are many stretching exercises out there, either the DIY type or those recommended by doctors or physical therapists. But, I dive deep into the exercises that will heal or rehabilitate your raptured or torn Achilles tendon.

Bilateral Heel Drop

For the bilateral heel drop exercises, you’ll require to stand at a raised platform or a stair’s edge. While at this, place the front edge on your feet on the raised platform or stair.

Therefore, the heel will easily raise and lower without touching the raised platform. However, you’d need to have to hold onto some support or railing to avoid falling off.

To accomplish this great exercise, simply raise and lower your heel to the highest and lowest possible and comfortable point. I would recommend you do like 20 rounds before taking a rest.

Sited Heel Raises

For this exercise, you’ll require to sit on your chair while raising your foot and toes to the highest you can. Next, you’ll need to bring down your heels slowly. Repeat this exercise for about 25 times every 24 hours.

Ensure you have the recommended running shoes for Achilles tendonitis help resolve the condition. I would also recommend using insertion orthotics for appropriate heel raises and correct heel cushioning.

However, I must note that you’ll require a physical therapist to check on your rehabilitation exercises for a start. This will help you do it correctly and hence avoid further injury on your Achilles tendon.

Calf Stretching

Next, place your heel on the floor, straighten your leg and place the hands on the wall. Also, bend your knee and position the remaining leg right ahead on the straightened leg while pushing the hips in the direction towards the wall you’re holding.

Therefore, you’ll need to continue stretching the calf muscles until there is some massive pull. However, don’t lift the heel from the floor. Ensure that you take about 15 seconds of a break after each pull. Then repeat the exercises for about 25 times.

Unilateral Heel Drop

It’s rightly comparable to your bilateral heel drop we’ve discussed above. However, for this exercise, you’ll require to bend one leg while working out with the other leg. But ensure that you maintain a slow exercises motion. This will be before you take onto the other leg while now bending the remaining leg.


So much with the painful Achilles tendonitis – but this can be resolved using the right exercises regimen. I’ve outlined the recommended exercises for your consideration – bilateral heel drop, sited heel raises, calf stretching, and unilateral heel drop. However, ensure you consult your physical therapist while taking on any of these exercise regimens.

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