How to Choose the Best Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People (Tips)

Hitting upon a high-quality, heavy-duty beach chair for big and tall people can be wearisome. Although there are loads of them, most of the chairs are for the small-bodied population.

summer beach chair for big and tall people

Who inaugurated the notion that summertime is for slender, skinny, and lightweight folks? Probably this might be the principal reason why every summer vacation favors them. For example, a standard beach chair has a weight limit of between 180 and 250 pounds.

Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People Buying Guide

Well, if you are above 300lbs, don’t kick up a fuss when summer approaches. This time around, I promise you won’t be wallowing in the sand. Allow me to take you through the buying guide of the choicest plus-size beach chair.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The weight limit is the first aspect that you have to consider when plumping for a beach chair.

Typical ones will accommodate a capacity of up to 250 pounds. However, if your body mass ticks beyond this value, you need something that will securely support you. Some of our best recommendations hold a maximum of 800lbs. So, you can confidently relax on it and also attach your backpack on it.

Ease of Portability

You’re going for vacation and not a boot camp. Therefore, you ought to tag along a beach chair that is light and portable.

You should rummage around for a beach chair that is easy to transport. Make sure it is foldable so that it can fit in your bike or the trunk of your car.


Beach chairs for big and tall people are made of steel frames. However, I have a soft spot for aluminum. Do you know why? Well, it’s because the material is not only light but also durable. Wood is also a classic since it doesn’t conduct too much heat on a sunny summer day.

Comfort First!

You need a comfy beach chair, which should blend perfectly with the relaxation mood. It should support your back all day long. You definitely don’t plan to relish the cool breeze along the coastline only for you to nurse some sickening back pains at the end of the day.

Ease of Installation

Setting up a beach chair for tall and big people should only take a couple of minutes.

High Seat

If you’re huge, you probably can relate the struggle one encounters when you get up from a low seat. So, make sure the height between the beach chair and the ground is about ten inches or one foot high.

Rich Features

Of course, you’ll need some beverage with you. Therefore, your beach chair should have a cup holder. Some of them would also include small pockets for storing your gadgets.

Another great feature to note is the adjustability. You’re lucky if the chair will recline with three to four adjustment positions. A beach chair with a shade canopy can be advantageous especially when you plan to extend your stay on the seaside. One more thing, you can shell out on high-end models, which come with a headrest, padded seats, and cushioned armrests.


In as much as I counsel people to splash out on a beach chair that they can afford, I equally caution against sacrificing comfort with low-cost products. Well, I have reviewed beach chairs that go for a song but they still offer you a fun experience at the shoreline.


A couple of years ago, I couldn’t go to the beach for fear that those tiny and feeble chairs could embarrass me. If I had to, I would resolve to relax on the sand. Luckily, now I can comfortably lounge on my beach chair for big and tall people without fretting.

So, if you are as tall as 6’4” or you weigh beyond 300lbs, I recommend you buy a beach chair for big people basing on the above tips.

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