How to Apply Revolution Flea Treatment for Cats

Recently my kitties have been infested by fleas. I really didn’t know how they got the fleas because they are always indoors.

How to Apply Revolution Flea Treatment for Cats

But I picked up Revolution flea treatment; that is a single dose for each for my flea-infested kitties.

But, what’s this Revolution flea treatment? Well, it’s a topical cat flea treatment that’s applied monthly to prevent a flea infestation.

So, in this post, I’ll be teaching you how to use Revolution to effectively control all fleas (adults, eggs, and larvae) in your kitties.

How to Apply Revolution Flea Treatment for Cats – Step by Step

Further, the treatment protects cats against ear mites, roundworms, and heartworms. Revolution is quick-drying and easy to apply, which makes it an excellent solution for DIY flea treatment in cats.

Step 1: Remove Revolution Protective Package

The very first step will be to remove the protective packaging that’s on this Revolution flea treatment.

The packaging serves to safeguard the concentrate from damage by harsh weather such as scorching sun or even mechanical damage.

Step 2: Remove the Seal at Top

Next, now hold the Revolution tube in an upright position ready to remove the top seal. Just smash the tube down to puncture its seal that’s located at the top.

You’ll hear a “click” sound when you’ve finally managed to break the top seal. Next, take out the cap and ensure that the tip is open.

After this, you can now get your kitty ready for flea treatment.

Step 3: Apply Revolution at base of Skull

So, keenly part the neck fur or hair at the base of the cat’s skull and apply the Revolution flea treatment.

The solution must applied on a single spot at the base of the skull between the cat’s shoulders blades. However, squeeze the tube with enough pressure for about 4 times.

Ensure that the Revolution treatment touches the cat’s skin and not just hanging at the hair. After this, you might need to distract your kitty to give the solution adequate time to dry. I would recommend you throw some ribbons or a ball to distract the pet.

Definitely, the flea treatment solution won’t just stand on the cat’s skin but will be absorbed into its bloodstream. This is one of the advantages of Revolution since the flea treatment chemicals will spread all over the cat’s skin and thus prevent further infestation.

Step 4: Remove Revolution Tube and Discard

Finally, it’s now time to remove the Revolution treatment tube from the cat’s skin. Do this smoothly ensuring that the treatment isn’t dropped on the cat’s hair.

However, when removing the tube, make sure you keep squeezing as you’re gliding on the car’s skin. Also, check that the Revolution tube is empty and discard it safely.


Revolution worked well for us against fleas on kitties and adults cats. The flea solution is expensive but will be cheaper in the long run since you won’t need to buy collars or shampoos.

Luckily, Revolution is a broad-spectrum flea treatment since it’ll also kill flea larvae, eggs stages, and adults.

I recommend you use Revolution for the cats that’ll be going outside or roaming around in any multi-cat households or apartments.

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