Stay Body Positive while Trail Running – Overweight Female Runners

Many life-long female runners are happy to join trail running groups. However, despite being of varied ages, most still struggle with an issue related to negative body image. Notably, distorted body image (having an unlikely view of own body) is prevalent among both ultra and trail runners. Maybe you’ve previously considered the effect of running gear such as running shoes on body image?

But, what’s the effect of such distorted body image? Well, such view of own body could lead to obsessive and disordered eating that could result into depression, energy deficit, and injuries. However, the issue of poor body images also spreads across different sexes, age groups, and ethnic or racial groups.

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Beat your emotions and guilt

Note: With endurance and trail running, your body will produce more endorphins and this promotes healthy weight loss and thus enhances the runner’s body image. However, the losing the weight management gains can be difficult to accept particularly as they are certain to occur during pregnancy, retirement, injury or off-season. Therefore, athletes could feel guilt or shame for not attaining or maintaining the idea “fit” body.

It’s important to open up about negative running emotions, your failures, and successes. Beat the sense of attaining an idea fitness body and aim to be your best each time you trail run. Both men and women struggle between body insecurities and high fitness – which you must rise above as soon as possible to succeed in trail running.

Getting out of shape is not lazy

I know it’s commonly accepted that super fitness is a norm among runners and military personnel. But, you should realize that that fitness state does not equal to top self-discipline and its lack of will not signify any level of laziness – if you’re doing it right and giving your best.

Appropriate gear – shoes and vest

For the plus sized women, wearing the wrong shoe can be a major obstacle towards achieving your targets in trail running. Over at playpolicy women running shoes, you’ll find the perfect pair that heavy female runners can sport to avoid knee pain, sore joints, and supination.

Fight the mental game and stop thinking that if you get out of shape sometimes while giving it your best is lazy. Notably, women will also have more body fat compared to women and thus body image issues will be more among the female runners.

Enjoy running and take food a fuel

It’s important to eat selectively to gain required running energy to reach your peak or complete that trail run. With such an attitude, you’ll easily gain a positive mentality and achieve self-pride in the small gains on your body. Therefore, you won’t have to stain against menstrual cycle disruption, bone stress injuries (BSIs), disordered eating, and bad self-criticism.

Further, it’s critical to adopt a team culture where runners can support each other through nutrition plans adherence. Women runners in groups tend to lose weight faster as they’ll support each other and also attract the coaches’ attention for additional assistance.

Quit negative body comparison

You look great as you progress to your target without even compare yourself with other people’s bodies. Notably, most women tend to follow the elite runners or take the slimmest runners as their model bodies.

I have to tell you that you don’t have to compare yourself with the “ideal” bodies since your trail running is a journey of many steps – one at a time. Further, fight off the bust stereotypes that could be coming your way as they can derail your trail running.


You don’t have to be super skinny to succeed in your weight, loss or running journey. Lean muscle = more weight and this should not worry you. Cultivate a positive mindset in your tail running. This will help you attain your target or complete your strength training more effectively. Also, remember to get the running shoes that have top stability and cushioning.

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