The Best Infant Car Seats for 2023

Safety is always on every parent’s mind whenever they are shopping for an infant car seat. There are very many models available and it may be overwhelming when choosing one for your baby. You should go for one that meets the safety standards for assurance of your baby’s safety. In this article, we tell you all about the best infant car seat you can buy in 2023.

Expensive car seat often has more safety features such as ease to install or bigger canopies. However, obtaining a cheaper car seat doesn’t mean that it is less safe for your baby.

best infant car seat

Car seats are available in various types that offer different benefits and suitable for various stages in your child’s life. Rear-facing car seats are often suitable for infants while toddlers can either use a rear or front –facing seats depending with the height and weight f your child. For older kids, booster car seat is the recommended choice for them as they are taller and weigh much more.

Infant car seats

The best infant car seat is a great choice for a newborns as they are rear-facing the car .When your baby exceeds the height and weight limit then you should consider buying a convertible or front-facing seat designed for toddlers.

Convertible car seats

They are designed in a way that they can easily transform from rear-facing seat often used by infants and toddlers to a forward-facing seat that is suitable for older kids. It can accommodate kids who weigh 65pounds.They usually last throughout toddler’s stage and is more safe. However, unlike the infant car seat it cannot be taken into or out of the car.

Booster car seats

This is convenient for your child before he/she is older enough to use the normally adult-sized seats. Your child will be able to sit high with the car’s lap and shoulder belt crossing his body at correct spots therefore holding him more safely. Best for kids who are at least aged four years or weigh at least 40 pounds depending with the weight the model can be able to accommodate.

Features to look for in an infant car seat

Ease to use

Models often come with five- star rating system that often enables you to know how safe it is. The best infant car seat should be easy to use and install car seat often has many stars which assures you as a parent of your child’s safety.

Car seat base

This enables you to snap the car seat into it before buckling your baby to the car seat. One with adjustable foots is what you should go for since you will be able to adjust to an angle that can safely support your child’s weight and height.

Easy to adjust

The harness, straps and headrest should be adjustable to accommodate your growing child. Single-hand belt adjustments that releases the buckle quickly with no rethread harness   and headrest that can be adjusted with a single hand is what you should look for in a model.

Easy to clean

Your baby will always mess up leaving the car seat dirty and therefore purchasing a car seat that is easily detachable and has a cover that is washable will be a great choice for you.

The age, weight and height of your child

Different models come with specific heights and weight it can be able to support. Rear –facing seats are often designed for newborns and infants, forward –facing seats are suitable for children who are at least 2 years old with booster seats being designed for kids who are at least 40 pounds depending with the model and children who are below eight years can still use it before graduating to adult seats.

Available space

Always put into consideration the space available in your back seat. A small car will not be able to support a car seat with large base which will require you to purchase one with a narrow base.


A two-piece clip in the car seat makes it the best choice as it makes it hard for your child to unfasten it and climb out which is dangerous as your child may be hurt.


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