Beach Lounge Chair Buying Guide

With the right beach lounge chair, relaxing or sunbathing on the beach becomes a satisfying experience. Comfort is the key to an unforgettable beach outing.

However, buying a beach chair may not be that easy. There are many models on the market, all coming from different brands.

Beach Lounge Chair Buying Guide

This wide-ranging variety can be confusing, especially for new buyers. Clearly, you need some guidance in this grueling task.

This is why this guide comes in handy. It packs some crucial information on how to choose a beach lounge chair without a hassle.

Things to Look for When Buying a Beach Lounge Chair

With that being said, here are the super-important factors you must consider when buying a beach chair.

1. Material Used for Construction

Check for the material used in the construction of the chair. High-quality materials provide excellent functionality.

The stability, durability, and comfort of your chair are very crucial to your experience at the beach.

Also, consider the washable and quick-to-dry materials. More importantly, they should be porous to let air flow freely through the fabric.

Some of the most common materials used particularly on the seat include nylon, polyester, canvas, cotton, etc. Beach chair frames can be molded from metal, wood, Polywood, or plastic.

You also need to look for the rust resistance qualities in the beach chair. You are going to use this chair on the beach, possibly frequently.

Thus, powder-coated frame chairs are the best options if you decide to use metal frames. Wood doesn’t rust but rots while plastic can weaken and break. What’s more, the fabrics need to be weatherproof and fade-proof to serve your lounging needs for a long time.

2. Size and Weight Capacity

The size of the beach chair you should buy squarely depends on your overall build. If your stature is small, you will need to consider a chair with a small footprint.

Small beach chairs are lightweight and portable. This is good news for beach enthusiasts because you won’t mind carrying them around due to their small sizes.

You can also look for a big chair that comes with a higher weight capacity. That’s if you are Bigfoot.

And remember, a big chair isn’t necessarily going to be weighty. Thanks to the modern beach chair designs that place more emphasis on lightweight features.

When looking at the size, it is vital to check how high the seat goes off the ground. This aspect determines the ease of use of a given model.

Remember, when seated, you want your legs and knees to be free of any stress. For this reason, ensure that the seat’s height from the ground is just what suits your overall comfort.

3. Comfort

Someone said comfort is king. So, the beach chair should offer exceptional comfort during the whole time you are going to be at the beach.

It should be the right size and adequately cushioned for restful relaxation. Some beach chairs come with reclining backs, armrests, headrests, and footrests to provide you absolute comfort as you lounge on the beach.

4. Portability

Portability is essential for a beach chair. A proper beach lounge chair should be lightweight for easy transportation.

When packed, it should reduce into a low profile, compact size for carrying convenience.


When looking for the best beach lounge chair, the factors mentioned above must be considered. Otherwise, your beach tours may get boring.

There are many beach lounge chairs on the market. But don’t allow confusion to choose to strike you. This buying guide comes just at the right time to help your decision making.

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