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    How to Apply Revolution Flea Treatment for Cats

    Recently my kitties have been infested by fleas. I really didn’t know how they got the fleas because they are always indoors. But I picked up Revolution flea treatment; that is a single dose for each for my flea-infested kitties. But, what’s this Revolution flea treatment? Well, it’s a topical cat flea treatment that’s applied monthly to prevent a flea infestation. So, in this post, I’ll be teaching you how to use Revolution to effectively control all fleas (adults, eggs, and larvae) in your kitties. How to Apply Revolution Flea Treatment for Cats – Step by Step Further, the treatment protects cats against ear mites, roundworms, and heartworms. Revolution is quick-drying and easy…

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    How to Clean a Diaper Pail and Keep Baby Nursery Odor-free

    Have you ever opened your baby’s nursery and the first thing that hits you is a really strong urine-poopy like odor? Yes, that is the smell of soiled diapers that have overstayed in a diaper pail. But do you know what stinks even worse; a diaper pail that has not been cleaned over a long period of time. The reason why parents buy diaper pails is to lock in odor and keep their baby’s nursery smelling fresh. Unfortunately, pails tend to absorb odor from the diapers and start to stink with or without diapers. In this article, we shall talk about how to clean a diaper pail depending on the…