How Could Birkenstocks be Beneficial to your Feet

Birkenstocks haven’t been original only because of their iconic design, but also because of their comfortability. These orthopedic sandals have many characteristics that make them so interesting, not only for the pleasure of walking, but especially for the health of your feet. Just like a title of  The Washington Post article suggests: “Comfort shoes aren’t necessarily good for you”, one must not only choose the more comfortable shoe but also the one that suits your feet’s health needs.

Whether or not you are in a  work environment that involves long hours standing and moving, choosing the right shoes is beneficial for the health of your feet, especially after the widespread of some feet conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, which is reported to be 80% of the cases that experience heel pain. A good reason to think about getting a pair of shoes or sandals like Birkenstocks that are designed to keep the foot’s natural padding under the heel to provide stability since these footwear have a deep heel cup.


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Birkenstock’s Footbedbirkenstocks-explain

People who are overweight are more exposed to heel pain problems than others. Birkenstock sandals have also another feature called “weight distribution” that is beneficial for this case, as it has a Contoured Footbed and a cork-latex core for more foot support.

More is More

Birkenstock sandals have a footbed that submit to the characteristic of the feet in a way that every worn Birkenstock is different from the others as it takes the shape of the wearer’s foot like a footprint in the sand. Wearers of these have reported that the more you wear them the more comfortable they become.

To conclude, Birkenstock footwear are worth the dollar since they are beneficial for your feet, body and they do look nice in addition to being an item of fashion trend right now.

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