Characteristics of a Nice Footwear

Just like everything in the fashion industry, not all designers think of comfort first. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) have reported that  60% Americans who have experienced heel pain over the past year also have had trouble performing life’s daily activities.When you deciding to choose you next pair of shoes, you’d better consider ones that that will help keep your feet safe from injuries such as calluses and blisters,and also prevent ankle twists.A walking shoe must meet some characteristics like shock absorption ability and reasonably lightweight. Other characteristics are to consider which i will talk about in this article.

How to know if shoes are good ?

The basic parts of a walking shoe are the main points that help evaluate the foot suitability. The way by which a footwear is made plays a crucial role in its function as well as its fit. Many brands, like Birkenstock, pay close attention to the different feet shapes and also the long term impact of the foot on the footwear to provide not only comfort but also stability.

Insole. Also called sockliner, is ,in some shoes, made from molded polyurethane or EVA. It could also have extra shock-absorbing materials under the ball and heel of the foot. It function as a support to your foot and arch. You can wash them entirely when you feel it’s necessary, but not all brands comes with removable.

  • Midsole. Is where the most shock absorption comes to play (or must be) and which results in comfort and foot security.
  • Achilles notch. Allows the Achille tendon to relax a bit by decreasing the amount of stress on it.
  • Ankle collar. Usually made of soft material and designed to cushion the ankle.
  • Upper. The top part of the shoe that is sewn or glued to the midsole, usually in leather or mesh.
  • Outsole. Is the part that get the most damage as it get direct contact to grounds. So you’d better choose a quality outsole brand. When the outsole is deteriorated, it could lead to serious health problems. And always check if it is not too smooth for reasonable traction maintenance.
  • Toe box. Is the part of the shoe that could protect you or not from calluses. An ideal toe box should have a round and roomy space.

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