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Almost anyone loves change, of course positive change. Whether it’s small or big, feeling progress is inexplicably satisfying and rewarding. In the case of new purchases that make our lives easier and more convenient, we tend to feel a sense of progress and pride in our selves eventhough we didn’t create these things, but we kind of reward our selves for the “right” choice we’ve made. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches all testify for that. Technological advancement has touched almost every part of our lives and there are some items which are becoming indispensable.

Home Technological Innovation

What About Robots ?

Many journalists are wondering whether robots will take over our lives. Many people feel a bit scared when imagining a human creation made of solid steel having human like capabilities taking over their lives. I’m sure that others accept, let’s say by necessity, to let these technological “devices” control some parts of their lives especially when it comes to getting rid of their household chores. This is by the way the opinion of Michael Björn the Head of Research at Ericsson ConsumerLab.

We Are (Almost) Already Living It

While many people don’t feel the slow shift we are experiencing in our lives, others are aware. Smart home automation systems are somehow the brain of the house. Who’s brain is this? Doesn’t this sound like a scary question? For people fearing a presumed robot conspiracy, it is. But when we take a look at people living in an automated house, it’s really not as alarming as we’ve just imagined. Nevertheless, household technology have also it’s cons and “horrifying” situations when you count on your smart home system to lock the doors at night but fails to do it. Smartphones having Siri installed in them are also transforming a smartphone to a personal, virtual assistant allowing users to get things done throughout the day easy and fast. The voice-control option make it sound more like a robot and because of its contextual awareness, he seems to know more than you know and respond to questions that even a human can’t think of.

Dumb Appliances

If we observe our lives, we realize that the machines we use in our everyday lives are running it somehow. These machines are not smart and this doesn’t please to us. We have to read manuals with hundred of pages, repair them, and buy them lots of electricity. This is clearly an unstated call for smart(er) machines/devices. But of course there should be limits to this Artificial Intelligence machines in order not to get out of control or execute more than we want them to (manual and automatic driving modes are a great example ). This will result in freeing a great deal of time, saving energy and lessening worries.

Confirming Statistics

According to Ericsson.com, by 2020 a range of domestic robots helping with everyday chores such as cooking and laundry will not be a surprise for at least 64% of consumers. In addition to functional tasks, robots would also keep company to people especially the elders.

John Deere Toys For Kids – Ride On Tractor and Gator

Spring Season ! What better time to get your children out to play, run and ride their toys. John Deere has a variety of toys destined to Children. The green logo brand with the golden deer have been famous for its well-known agricultural machinery, but this didn’t got them busy  from producing some great kids ride-on toys. John Deere has released tractor and gator toys from the small size to the really ridable big vehicles that are much more fun for kids than simulating what adults do in real life just by their hands (and imagination) ! Here are some great John Deere kids tractors and gators that will make your kids happy and maybe open their appetite to go to the countryside and do some serious farmer work !

John Deere Tractor with Trailer – Peg Perego Ground Force 

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Made in USA in our Fort Wayne, this riding toy will
definitely make your kids look like a real farmer happily riding his 4WD farm tractor

wheels tractor. It is made for a 2 to 7 year olds, and it has a trailer that is detachable and where they can load their toys and all their play-load. They can adjust the seat and the armrests for greater comfort. It can run at 2-Speeds, 2-1/4 or 4-1/2 miles per hour in

addition to reverse, and don’t worry it has automatic brakes, and for more security, you can control the speed via a second gear that has a lockout feature.
Just like the previous one 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger included. Made in USA in Fort Wayne, Indiana factory using domestic and global components.

John Deere Gator XUV – Green – Peg Perego 

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This ride-on Gator is one of the bestsellers and it is  Made in USA. It Carries two riders at once. It has 2 speed that can a kid can drive at 2 1/4 or 4 1/2 mph on grass, dirt, or hard surfaces.And for security, the accelerator has automatic brakes. One of the great features is the big working dump bed with a tailgate that opens up and where you can haul everything: tools, toys, leaves and more, so that the kids become really cute little helpers. Another interesting option is the adjustable seats and 4 1/2 mph lockout that prevents beginners from going too fast. This ride-on comes with a 12 volt rechargeable battery and recharger included.

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John Deere Power Loader – Peg Perego 

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No need to play with sand by hand, do it the professional way ! What a great pleasure to load, move, and unload the sand at the destination from the driver’s seat ! This John Deere tractor is very fun with its extra large front loader. Can be ridden by 3 to 7 year olds and it has a large bucket seat. The seat is adjustable like all the previous ride-ons. As well as 2 speeds; 2.5 or 4.5 mph in addition to reverse.It also has foot pedal accelerator, and for security, automatic brakes. And in order to make driving easy, it has traction wheels that add more comfortable while driving. John Deere almost always add a speed control feature to give ability to parents to control the speed with a 2nd gear lockout feature.The battery is rechargeable and just like the other ride-on toys it is a 12-volt, and it comes with charger.