Humidity, Moisture and Dehumidifiers

Moisture in Buildings Studies

Among various climate related causes that affect buildings is moisture. Not only that, studies that come back to middle 90s shown that 75–80% of all the problems with building envelopes are due to a certain extent to moisture. Later on in 2002, a finding of a cross-sectional analyses done in Finland by Haverinen is really surprising : 38% of detached houses and 25% of apartments were experiencing notable or important moisture issues. In the same year in Sweden (Wessén, Honkanen, Mälarstig, 2002), a study of more than 400 buildings found that 65% of the buildings were having moisture problems. Moisture had led to the growth of microbes in these buildings. These studies have without a doubt risen the awareness of many scientists and should therefore do the same to everyone of us.

Solutions to Indoor Humidification

Today, many people go right to buy a device to cope with humidification problems and doesn’t look for natural dehumidification means. These devices are called dehumidifiers and which are designed to remove indoor moisture by dehumidifying air of the room. This is done by condensing water which is in vapor form, and collecting it in a tank in a first step. The second step is to get air back to the room in its same temperature level. Frigidaire dehumidifiers are one of the most rated units of this category and some models could dehumidify up to 70 pints of water per day.

Examples of Most Common Moisture-related Problems

While some of the examples listed below are very obvious, many people are not aware of the danger of some simple dysfunctions in our homes and which are directly connected to moisture.\

  • Water on the roof or walls coming from rain which often results in mould growth
  • Plumbing is sometime not properly designed or installed which results in spills and leaks.
  • When fixing a plumbing problem, it may have been nicely installed but after maintenance, some plumbing problems may persist or arise.
  • When weather is warm and humid, you may experience an infiltration of warm or moist from outside entering through crack in the enclosure.
  • The opposite effect could happen as warm or moist could get outside your home through holes in the enclosure and which can result in condensation in your house´s walls or ceiling.

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Germguardian Air Purifiers Review

Germguardian is the name given by Guardian Technologies to its most successful air purifiers. Guardian Technologies is a company which uses innovative technologies to produce small appliances solutions destined for families aiming for a health living. Products from Guardiant Technologies include air purifiers (featuring True HEPA), ultrasonic humidifiers, UV air sanitizers, essential oil diffusers, and essential aromatherapy oils. The ones I will focus on in this post are the Germguardian air purifiers.

Germguardian Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device which helps remove germs and other particles in order to live an quality air environment. Because environments and needs vary, Guardian Technologies has released various air purifiers models. The most popular of them all are the Germguardian AC4825, Germguardian AC5000E and Germguardian AC5250PT. You can find in depth reviews on these air purifiers on

Common Features

The Germguardian air purifiers are equipped with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. According to Guardian Technologies, all these air purifiers are able to capture 99.97% of these small particles thanks to UV light technology which is capable of killing airborne bacteria. The design of these three air purifiers are pretty much the same with some variations in size and options. Another common features of the Germguardian air purifiers is the 3 in 1 cleaning system.

Germguardian AC4825

This model is the most popular and is also a best seller on Amazon in HEPA Filter Air Purifiers category, and it has more than 4200 customer reviews. This unit is also equipped with the HEPA air filtration which is recommended by Doctor according to the American Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. This unit features a carbon filter, a UV-C Technology which works to kill airborne germs and is capable to remove odor. Because this unit is the smallest, it’s ideal for small to medium rooms. Last time I’ve checked the price, it was $99.

Germguardian AC5000

This one is like the big brother of the Germguardian AC4825 as it has the mainly the same features except for the size which this air purifier can cover. This unit is CADR rated 125+ and which is ideal for Large Rooms. It has the same design as the previous one with the only difference of being a bit taller.

Germguardian AC5250PT

The title given by Guardian Technologies to this model is Pet Pure True HEPA, which suggests that this one is more specialized for people having pets in their home and wish to reduce allergy symptoms and suffering. The size of this one is also bigger than the AC4825 and is also made for large rooms. Just like the previous model, this one is also CADR rated 125+. The AC5250PT has a plus compared to the others, which the Digital Controls which make it more handy. It has also an indicator to warn the owner that the filter needs to be changed.


The Germguardian air purifiers are growing in popularity, certainly because of their affordable price, good customer rating and the nice design. One last thing to keep in mind is that in order to keep your unit safe from harm, you must regularly clean the filter and change it once 6 months to keep the unit functioning at an optimal level and It is advised to use Genuine Guardian Technologies™ replacement parts only to ensure the quality also to maintain the warranty. And in case the filters are not genuine Guardian Technologies has stated clearly that it will void the warranty.

How Could Birkenstocks be Beneficial to your Feet

Birkenstocks haven’t been original only because of their iconic design, but also because of their comfortability. These orthopedic sandals have many characteristics that make them so interesting, not only for the pleasure of walking, but especially for the health of your feet. Just like a title of  The Washington Post article suggests: “Comfort shoes aren’t necessarily good for you”, one must not only choose the more comfortable shoe but also the one that suits your feet’s health needs.

Whether or not you are in a  work environment that involves long hours standing and moving, choosing the right shoes is beneficial for the health of your feet, especially after the widespread of some feet conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, which is reported to be 80% of the cases that experience heel pain. A good reason to think about getting a pair of shoes or sandals like Birkenstocks that are designed to keep the foot’s natural padding under the heel to provide stability since these footwear have a deep heel cup.


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Birkenstock’s Footbedbirkenstocks-explain

People who are overweight are more exposed to heel pain problems than others. Birkenstock sandals have also another feature called “weight distribution” that is beneficial for this case, as it has a Contoured Footbed and a cork-latex core for more foot support.

More is More

Birkenstock sandals have a footbed that submit to the characteristic of the feet in a way that every worn Birkenstock is different from the others as it takes the shape of the wearer’s foot like a footprint in the sand. Wearers of these have reported that the more you wear them the more comfortable they become.

To conclude, Birkenstock footwear are worth the dollar since they are beneficial for your feet, body and they do look nice in addition to being an item of fashion trend right now.

Best Air Purifiers Reviews | Buying Guide

This is a guide that will help you choose the best air purifier that suits your need. I want to point out that i focused on air purifiers that are available on You’re certainly here after having suffered from indoor air pollution, and after having tried other solutions you’ve come to the conclusion that an air purifier would be a great idea. And as it’s the case in almost all the home technology gears, air purifiers industry is also packed with different brands, models and sizes, in addition to the ever growing environmental scientific jargon. I will try in this review to simplify a bit all these.

What is an air purifier ?

When first hear this name, you think that it’s a big machine which is used in industrial and medical industries, but in fact this is no longer the case. Air Purifiers are now small and even portable and are mainly made to remove airborne germs and other impure air particles like tobacco smoke, dust particles etc…. This is why they are marketed as solution to allergy and asthma problems which i will discuss in the next section.

Does Air Purifiers work ?

When reading the benefits of an Air purifier on its box or on advertisements, you have the impression that it’s a guess game because of the amount of information that focuses more on the cleraning process of the air than what happens to the body. And to answer that question, according to an article from the New York Times, Dr.Myatt reported that it did work after having observed that visits to the doctor of asthmatic children had reduced right after having used an purifier. Yes it is mainly used to stop allergy symptoms, but at least we have an answer about asthma from an expert.

So how could we know the best air purifier existing? Well  first you must know in which space you feel the air is the most impure. Then you filter out the choices by the air purifiers that have the capacity to clean the air of this surface. After that, if money is not a problem, you can compare the features of each one that iI’ve grouped together in a table down this page, and you can click on the link to go to Amazon. Once there, you can go down and see the comments and ratings of customers that have already been using it for a significant period.

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Germguardian Air Purifier AC4825

This is a 3 in 1 air cleaning system, that has, in my opinion, the best unit design look with its classy black and the sleek blue light. Guardiantechnologies, the manufacturer, has three main versions of this air purifier, the AC5250 and the pet pure specialized for the pet allergy sufferers. But the AC4825 is the most popular and a best seller on It has a HEPA filter and can cover up to ft.

Honeywell 50250-S Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

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Despite its classical decent look, this is one of the best air purifiers when it comes to consumer feedback. Why this one is round? It is to maximize the catch as it features a 360-degree airflow. It has3 speeds, in addition to a carbon pre-filter. This unit Measures 18 by 18 by 19 inches. Offering a  5-year limited warranty, Honeywell’s reputation is quite positive and this unit comes with some other interesting features that you can check in the comparison table down this page.

Hamilton Beach 04383A True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner

This brand hasn’t stopped yet amazing us. This small piece of technology has satisfied a significant number of customer; a customer even bought 3 of these. One of the main features that make it stand among others is the ability to clean the filter to be vacuumed clean and therefore, you don’t have to buy a  replacement filter. It is comparably small to the other units, as it measures  8-1/2 by 6 by 13-1/2 Inch. They reported it to be a quiet processing air purifier and could run for 24/7. You have the choice between a white and a black color.

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Honeywell HFD-120-Q  Air Purifier

If you want a high speed air purifier, then the features of this one are promising. The manufacturer, Honeywell, informs that this unit can circulates the air up to 5 times an hour of a room that has a surface up to  170 sq. ft., which is quite amazing for an air purifier of this size (and price : $119.99). Not only that, it also says that it captures up to 18 times more pollutants than ionic air purifiers. Another interesting point is that it has the fair federal limit of ozone emission.

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model

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Having a very serious look, the feature of the Winix air purifier are also very serious. The first feature of this air purifier that catch the attention is the high surface that this unit can handle, which is 350 square feet. Another interesting feature is a Built-in air quality sensor that can automatically adjust the fan speed. It would have been more interesting if this unit had a remote control. Another drawback, unlike the Honeywell warranty, this one has only a 1-year limited warranty. But still worth considering especially for large spaces.


Indoor Dust Solutions for Home, Office and Workshop

Whether it’s at work, at school or at home, constantly sneezing, wheezing, and coughing is a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Many approaches to allergy problems had been developed going from simple avoidance therapy to very sophisticated technology devices designed for different environments and allergen particle types. Dust is the most common trigger of allergy symptoms, but not only for real allergy sufferers, but for everybody. At work or at school, this could impede significantly the productivity and efficiency of working or learning. Not to mention the uncomfortable state caused by these particles that the sufferer and also people that are close to him endure.
In this article i have gathered different indoor dust solutions for different environments including home, workshop, office and more.

At Home


While a vacuum cleaner is a solution to indoor dust control, the filters that comes with the conventional vacuums, and also the ones that are designed with a container of water, emit thin particulates into the air.This is why having a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter is a greater choice. Except if you have one of these high-quality vacuums that fulfil the task almost like HEPA filter vacuums. In this case you may think to add more security by having an air purifier that will, in addition to your quality vacuum, purify your air. But in case you have not a high-performance vacuum, then getting a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter like Dyson Vacuums is better protection against dust particles.

In Your Workshop


In these kind of environment, not having the suitable solution could lead to serious health problems, asthma for example. I will take the woodwork shop as an instance as it is one of the environment where dust particles are largely spread in the air.When a woodworker uses a drill you can imagine the amount of dust particles spread in the air, you may not sneeze at the moment but for an everyday use this will become more dangerous. Sometimes limiting the exposure is not enough. This is why engineers thought of a dust collection system that accompany woodworkers in these kind of environment. From the first model of these, this industry has advanced in term of ergonomy and technology. The Festool dust extractor is one of these successful state of art when it comes to dust collection and ease of use.

In the Office


Unless your office is located in a big company that already accomplish the cleaning task, you must look for an easy solution to your discomfort. Yes you can’t stand and take a vacuum cleaner and start chasing dust, but there is a piece of technology that do it, not as effectively, for you and in a quiet way and without moving: the air purifier. This device not only deals with dust particulates, but also with tobacco smoke and airborne germs. But for the office you better choose a suitable one that looks serious and blends nicely with the work environment. Germguardian air purifier is one of the best choices. Black, sleek, and is a bestseller on Amazon.