Indoor Dust Solutions for Home, Office and Workshop

Whether it’s at work, at school or at home, constantly sneezing, wheezing, and coughing is a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Many approaches to allergy problems had been developed going from simple avoidance therapy to very sophisticated technology devices designed for different environments and allergen particle types. Dust is the most common trigger of allergy symptoms, but not only for real allergy sufferers, but for everybody. At work or at school, this could impede significantly the productivity and efficiency of working or learning. Not to mention the uncomfortable state caused by these particles that the sufferer and also people that are close to him endure.
In this article i have gathered different indoor dust solutions for different environments including home, workshop, office and more.

At Home


While a vacuum cleaner is a solution to indoor dust control, the filters that comes with the conventional vacuums, and also the ones that are designed with a container of water, emit thin particulates into the air.This is why having a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter is a greater choice. Except if you have one of these high-quality vacuums that fulfil the task almost like HEPA filter vacuums. In this case you may think to add more security by having an air purifier that will, in addition to your quality vacuum, purify your air. But in case you have not a high-performance vacuum, then getting a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter like Dyson Vacuums is better protection against dust particles.

In Your Workshop


In these kind of environment, not having the suitable solution could lead to serious health problems, asthma for example. I will take the woodwork shop as an instance as it is one of the environment where dust particles are largely spread in the air.When a woodworker uses a drill you can imagine the amount of dust particles spread in the air, you may not sneeze at the moment but for an everyday use this will become more dangerous. Sometimes limiting the exposure is not enough. This is why engineers thought of a dust collection system that accompany woodworkers in these kind of environment. From the first model of these, this industry has advanced in term of ergonomy and technology. The Festool dust extractor is one of these successful state of art when it comes to dust collection and ease of use.

In the Office


Unless your office is located in a big company that already accomplish the cleaning task, you must look for an easy solution to your discomfort. Yes you can’t stand and take a vacuum cleaner and start chasing dust, but there is a piece of technology that do it, not as effectively, for you and in a quiet way and without moving: the air purifier. This device not only deals with dust particulates, but also with tobacco smoke and airborne germs. But for the office you better choose a suitable one that looks serious and blends nicely with the work environment. Germguardian air purifier is one of the best choices. Black, sleek, and is a bestseller on Amazon.